How to prepare your job interview

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The big day has arrived.
You are about to be face to face with a person that has the power to open new career paths for you.
Your resume is staggering.  (want to see how we can help you craft a KILLER resume? click HERE)
You have paid attention to the smallest detail in it and made sure you have crafted a killer cover letter. Now, the next big step is the job interview and since you have not left anything to chance, this is not the time to start.
Here are some tips to help you be prepared and let your potential employer know that you have put in a serious amount of effort and time to get the job.

Do your homework

Research everything you can about the associated industry (i.e. latest trends) and, of course, the company itself. There is no doubt that a few noteworthy statistics along with an in-depth knowledge (look for press releases, reports to shareholders or financial statements of the company) of what is going on in the industry the job is in can indeed impress the hiring manager.
Maybe the company has a particular program that gives back to the community. Use that to your advantage and express your enthusiasm about it during the interview. All that will allow you to show awareness of the current state of affairs, which will make the hiring manager consider your candidacy for sure.
It is also a good idea to try to investigate not only the company but the interviewer too. If you know his or her name, Google it and see what you can find out about them, from their professional background to their favorite pastime or topics on the social media. If you have something in common, make sure you find a way to mention it in your meeting.
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Generate Interest

One of the most common questions asked during a job interview is “Tell me a bit about yourself”.
This is your chance to actually leave your interviewer with their jaws open or bore them to death. Resist temptation to blabber and prepare a 30-second pitch, just like you would do if you got caught  in an elevator with the hiring manager. Focus on why you want that particular job and how you can contribute to the company’s vision, as well as your skills, and past successes and experiences (if the request for a short overview of your career).
What is it about you that can make a positive impact on the company? Figure it out and start selling yourself accordingly.
Now, when it comes to the meat of it, review some potentially interview questions, such as “How did you handle something you did wrong in your previous job?”, “How do you want to improve yourself in the next 5 years?”, and so on.
Make notes about your stronger points and highlight them. Whatever you do, though, answer with real-world examples rather than generalities.
That aside, you will be asked whether you have any questions. Be careful as this is not a yes/no question. You ALWAYS need to ask a few questions of your own (both about the job itself and the company culture) before you get out of your seat.
For example, you could ask how the job was performed in the past, what are the company’s 5-year profit and sales projections or when is the best time for a follow-up call.
Finally, close the interview with an enthusiastic statement and a firm handshake.

Do a Mock Interview

Ask a family member or friend to help you practice an interview. Give them all the details you could unearth from your Google search, your resume, cover letter, and the job description.
Also, download and print some difficult interview questions and hand them over to your helper. Film the interview or record the audio if you can. This will allow you to review your performance. Ask your helper how they liked you. Did they feel you seemed arrogant? Were your answers good?
Last, but not least, pay attention to your body language. Does it show confidence and enthusiasm? You are on the right track.
 Good Luck! 
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