Why Most People Fail in Their LinkedIn Job-Hunting

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It is no secret anymore that job-hunting (or finding talents) today needs to include networking. In fact, networking plays a far more important role in landing a dream job or tracking the best candidate than imagined. Of course, networking is not about meeting as many people as you can rather than meeting the right people (doesn’t have to be hordes of individuals; just well-connected professionals) that will refer you to a few other well-connected people and speak about your skills and abilities with enthusiasm.

Considering that LindkedIn is a network of more than 400 million people, it is, without a doubt, an insanely useful job search tool for every job-seeker and working person. (Get your LinkedIn profile professionally written HERE)

Nevertheless, many LinkedIn users looking for a job have a really hard time finding one through the platform. Below are some of the most common mistakes LinkedIn users make; mistakes that you can easily avoid so you can ensure all the right eyes are locked on you.

1. They Don’t Know the Ropes

Nobody will argue that LinkedIn is a handy tool in the hands of every job-hunting individual. However, if you do not know how to use it, it is practically useless, especially when its true potential as a job-search tool is not all that obvious to the casual LinkedIn user.

It takes far more than just updating your profile every now and then, and then waiting for the recruiting managers and headhunters to reach out, like loyal Penelope waited for Odysseus to return to Ithaca.

LinkedIn offers so many different ways to find job postings. Knowing as many of them will make all the difference when searching for a job. Indicatively, you can leverage the power of:

Groups – There is a group for everything you can think of (i.e. helping people with a job search).
Search Bars – You can find any target company you want by typing their name into the search bar.
The Advanced Search Feature – It will help you find your hiring manager.
The Pulse App – Your homepage is devoted to updates, including articles shown to you based on your interests, and, of course, the status updates of your connections.
The Job Board – You have access to myriads of ads that recruiters and employers pay LinkedIn to feature. TRY THIS AWESOME LINKEDIN SECRET OPTION!
LinkedIn Premium Accounts – They allow you to search for more connections and give you access to plenty of extra functionalities. The 1st month is always free, try it out.

You do need to know how to use these tools, though, to maximise your hiring potential.

2. They are Unable to Craft & Optimise the Content of Their Profile

LinkedIn is a massive database with an unimaginable number of records. Besides reading some of those Influencers’ posts to find out perspectives and topics that draw your hiring manager’s attention, and conducting a search using the target company’s name as a search term to see who is connected to that company and how, pay close attention to what you write on your profile – and how you write it. It is extremely important your LindledIn profile emerges from the huge pool of candidates when recruiters are looking for a talent like you, especially if you’re actively job-hunting.

So, among others, make sure:
✔ Your profile is as complete and detailed as it can be. DO NOT WRITE YOUR SUMMARY AT THE 3DR PERSON! (discover why HERE)
✔ You write a stand-out headline (no buzzwords, such as Motivated, Track record, Enthusiastic, Creative, Successful, and Extensive Experience, please).
✔ You spice your profile up with an article or a video you have published rather than listing a dull chronology of previous jobs.
✔ Your content (including your URL) is Search-Engine-Optimised, with all the right words (aka search terms or search keywords) in the right places.

All that can make your profile more “findable” in industry-related searches.

3. They are job-hunting but they’re not Aware of What Works & What Doesn’t

LinkedIn users have no interest in seeing your vacation photos like Facebook or Instagram users do. This is not the purpose of LinkedIn. However, they will certainly notice you if you participate in groups, help solve industry-related issues, share posts with related, appropriate, and interesting content, and interact with other users (i.e. liking their posts).

Publishing regular status updates during LinkedIn’s busiest hours, re-purposing your content into new blog posts, status updates or discussion starters, responding to LinkedIn messages, making sure you have no mismatch in your profile, and using the right photo will help you get the best possible results from your posting efforts.

4. They are not aware of the multiple automation tools that exist and help attract traffic

There are more than enough tools out there to make it easier to build connections, gather data, make sure you are getting the most of LinkedIn and boost your job-hunting.

For example:

• Crystal Knows – It is a Chrome extension and standalone app that helps you structure your request the best possible way. You will be able to profile other users’ profiles to detect their personality. The app will then suggest the best way to reach out to them.

• SalesLoft Prospector – It is a Chrome extension that pulls out each lead’s details (automatically) and helps you build prospecting lists from LinkedIn, with information like phone numbers and emails. LeadFuze is the next best thing if you need something more affordable.

• Attach – It will allow you to link to any document and track things like when contacts open it and what pages they read, so you can plan your follow-up approach at the right time. You can use it with LinkedIn’s InMail functionality to create and share trackable links right in it.
• QuotaDeck – You synch your email and LinkedIn contacts and then the platform helps you get more warm intros.

• – You can automatically download lists of leads from LinkedIn to Excel to boost your job-hunting, monitor newsfeed for targeted keywords, and autoconnect to prospects.

• Elink.Club – It will automatically visit up to 800 targeted profiles every day on your behalf. Stats show that people tend to visit the profiles of those that have visited them first.

Implementing, at least, some of the automation tools available can help drive more traffic to your profile and increase your chances of getting a job faster, even without breaking a sweat!

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