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5 must do when applying for a job


Career transitions usually come with an intense need to take shortcuts and truth be told, they are rarely easy, unless you don’t hurry the process and plan your steps carefully. One small mistake can have significant ramifications in the long run, which is why understanding the various parts of a job hunt is indeed crucial […]

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5 tips to get recruiter’s attention


We have all experienced rejection from a recruitment consultant at some point in our lives, for a job that we believed was cut for us. However, the secrets revealed below are literally game-changing and will let you know how you can get recruiters sit up and pay attention, even if you are not the best […]

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How do recruiters select resumes?


Recruiters receive hundreds of applicants (some even thousands) per job position they hire. So, how do they select the resumes they eventually choose? Their tracking system implements Google-like tools that allow recruiters to have the resumes matched for keywords. However, this is far from the entire hiring process. Recruiters have a significantly more complicated system […]

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How to Customize your Cover Letter for Different Organizations


The days when a blanket cover letter would cut it are long gone. Today, you need to make the best possible use of your cover letter to maximise your results. Now, if you believe that an excellent CV is all you need to get a job, better think again because shabby written cover letters are […]

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