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Why Saying “Looking For New Opportunities” on LinkedIn Will NEVER Get You Any!


When you are openly job-searching, LinkedIn is an amazing platform to set out your stall. Your network is (and recruiters as well), actively searching for talents in your own field. It makes sense to claim your profile and use it to your maximum advantage. If you’re active on LinkedIn, one of the things you’ve noticed is that (too) […]

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The Internet Street Smart Approach For Your Job Search


We often hear from job-hunters who are frustrated with job-hunting on the Web. (See our article about Using LinkedIn For Your Job Search). They have uploaded their resume on the main job boards or searched for and responded to job vacancies— and haven’t heard anything back from employers. Common problem. Let’s be realistic — the huge volume of resumes and job vacancies on […]

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6 Things To Do Before Starting Your Job Hunting


Here are six things you must think about before starting to send off applications to potential recruiters. 1. Set your goals It’s necessary to think about what you expect from your career – short and long term. Ask yourself: What do I like doing? What am I talented at? Where do my skills and expertise lie? What characteristics of a job matter to […]

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Is Your Resume ATS Optimised? And What Does ATS mean?


We’ve all applied for a job online at least once. We’ve all wondered why we didn’t land the interview – especially when we were convinced of being the perfect match! FRUSTRATING! Companies and hiring managers are turning more than ever to resume screening software, because of the OVERWHELMING number of job applications they receive. In […]

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