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How To Let Recruiters Know You’re Open To Opportunities – Without Telling Your Boss!


How To Let Recruiters Know You’re Open To Opportunities – Without Telling Your Boss! LinkedIn has just introduced a powerful new feature and you might not be aware of it. No worries, that’s all the purpose of this article: telling you how you can use it, and why you have to! This feature called “Open […]

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Why Most People Fail in Their LinkedIn Job-Hunting


It is no secret anymore that job-hunting (or finding talents) today needs to include networking. In fact, networking plays a far more important role in landing a dream job or tracking the best candidate than imagined. Of course, networking is not about meeting as many people as you can rather than meeting the right people […]

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How to prepare your job interview


The big day has arrived. You are about to be face to face with a person that has the power to open new career paths for you. Your resume is staggering.  (want to see how we can help you craft a KILLER resume? click HERE) You have paid attention to the smallest detail in it […]

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How And Why To Craft A Strong LinkedIn Summary


How and why to craft a powerful LinkedIn Profile. Many people still wonder why they should invest their time and effort in the creation of a killer LinkedIn profile or fix a broken one to attract recruiters. To put it simply, because we live in an era where our real and online life have come […]

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