Reason Why Clicking On “Connect” To Send LinkedIn Invitations Is Not A Good Choice.

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You think that clicking on “connect” to send LinkedIn invitations is a good way to grow your network? Think again. Would you give someone your business card without introducing yourself or saying something personal to them? You wouldn’t. For the exact same reason, it’s always better to send a personalized connection request to someone on LinkedIn, instead of sending a […]

You Think That Using the 3rd Person In Your LinkedIn Profile Is A Good Idea? Think Again

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If your LinkedIn profile is written in the 3rd person, STOP reading this article and go change that description of yourself straight away. DO NOT WAIT.  Nothing annoys people (including recruiters) more than HUGE egos (most head-hunters and recruiters believe this way), and one very efficient technique for spotting over-inflated egos is the mention to the self in the 3rd person. […]

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The Internet Street Smart Approach For Your Job Search

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We often hear from job-hunters who are frustrated with job-hunting on the Web. (See our article about Using LinkedIn For Your Job Search). They have uploaded their resume on the main job boards or searched for and responded to job vacancies— and haven’t heard anything back from employers. Common problem. Let’s be realistic — the huge volume of resumes and job vacancies on […]